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Container Storage Services

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Container Storage Services

Kenex logistics provides highly professional and safe storage services that let you store your goods securely until they are ready for shipping. Whether you are looking for extra space to store your household goods or office equipment until you complete formalities to export/ import them abroad, you can rely on Kenex Logistics. We provide a wide range of customers the ability to maximize their space for storing their goods.

We provide multiple size options such as 20ft and 40ft self-storage containers to choose from for ground-level storage containers as well as dock-level storage trailers. This allows us the ability to help service industries ranging from manufacturing, distribution, recycling, retail, construction, and many more.

Kenex Logistics provides Container Storage in our state of the art, purpose-built storage facility. Your belongings will be put into the container(s) at your front door and sealed in front of you.

One of the benefits of our Secure Container Storage is that we do not double handle your goods. This means that when they are sealed at your front door, they are not reopened again until they are redelivered back to your location and we open in front of you.

The other benefit of Container Storage is the ease of use. When you are ready to have your belongings redelivered, it makes it very easy for us to load your containers onto our trucks and bring them to your front door, which makes retrieving your belongings much easier than otherwise.

Our Container Storage operates out of a purpose-built warehouse. This is ideal for keeping items in storage after or during a move for both business and residential customers alike.

Residential Container Storage

If you are renovating, redecorating or moving and just need the extra space temporarily or long term, at a discounted rate when you use one of our Residential Removals Services, this is the perfect solution for that.

Business Container Storage

If your business is moving offices, getting some updated equipment or just having a clear-out, our long and short term storage options, at a discounted rate when you use our Office Removals Services, is the perfect solution.

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