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Shipping Roro

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Shipping Roro

Kenex Logistics can assist you in shipping your car / vehicle to worldwide destinations through Roll on Roll off shipping service. RORO vessels take on units such as cars, 4×4 vehicles, trucks, buses, coaches, vans, heavy plant machineries and trailers. We ship vehicles / cars on RORO to most left and right hand drive countries. Vessels are purpose-built car carriers, used by manufacturers to deliver brand new and used vehicles / cars around the world. Cars are protected from the elements in enclosed car decks and are secured by straps and chocks. Service frequency is usually once or twice a month, and the transit time is sometimes longer than for container vessels, but there can be useful cost savings on some routes over container shipment.


Modern RoRo vessels are extremely sophisticated feats of modern engineering. Some of the largest ships currently in use are in excess of 860 feet long, have nine internal decks and are capable of carrying an incredible 6,000 cars per sailing.


Many ships are equipped with more than one ramp so that they can simultaneously load and unload vehicles. The speed with which loading is completed together with the sheer number of cars that can be carried on every voyage mean RoRo shipping is usually the cheapest way to ship a car.

Specialised Decks

Within the ship some decks are allocated specifically for loading heavy plant vehicles and machinery classed as 'High and Heavy'. For large outsized vehicles or equipment, decks can be raised and lowered for greater vertical clearance.

Security & Protection

Decks inside these ships are fully enclosed to ensure all vehicles remain protected from the elements during shipment and have securing points running throughout the floor on every deck. Vehicles shipped on RoRo vessels are tethered using straps around the wheels that are fastened to the ships integral securing eyelets.

Careful Planning

Loading of RoRo ships is very carefully planned with different types of vehicles being allocated to segregated decks so appropriate types of vehicles are loaded together - so don't panic.... your Bentley will not be loaded alongside a mechanical digger!

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