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Shipping Tracking

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Shipping Tracking

When shipping with Kenex Logistics, you will always know where your parcel is! Locate your package during transit using your shipment’s unique tracking number. All of our logistics partners work with digital tracking systems, allowing you to track your parcels online in real-time.

Having control over all your shipments has never been so easy! Besides covering any shipping need you might have, with Kenex Logistics you can set up your personalised business dashboard and manage all your logistics operations in one single place. Benefit from already negotiated prices, take control of your deliveries and always be up to date with your shipment’s details.

Domestic and international parcel tracking – how does it work?

  • For every parcel shipped through Kenex Logistics, you will receive a tracking number via email once the service is confirmed with the courier.
  • The tracking number becomes functional once the parcel is collected, and the barcode is scanned for the first time in the depot.
  • During transit, this barcode is scanned at every depot, updating the tracking system.
  • We recommend forwarding the parcel tracking number to the recipient of the shipment and following the status of your parcel periodically.

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